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Title: “Research Grant Program in support of basic research”

Project: “Development of a new improved roleā€based model for controlling access to Web services in Grid/Cloud computing environments”

Scientific coordinator: Associate Professor Ioannis Mavridis
Research collaborator: Antonios Gouglidis

The project has been funded by the Research Committee of the University of Macedonia in Greece.

Technical Guide to domRBAC Simulator

– Publications / supporting material
  * Security policy verification for multi-domains in cloud systems
  * Verification of Secure Inter-operation Properties in Multi-domain RBAC Systems
  * A Methodology for the Development and Verification of Access Control Systems in Cloud Computing
  * domRBAC:An Access Control Model for Modern Collaborative Systems

– domRBAC the simulator version 0.1 (Contact: Antonio Gouglidi agougl (at), in case of interest in the source code of domRBAC)