Research & Development

The research interests of our R&D group are related to information information, cyber crime and cyber security.

Specifically, current research group’s activities are related to:

1. Access Control
 i) Role-based (RBAC)
 ii) Attribute-based (ABAC)
 iii) Usage Control (UCON)
2. Security Systems Engineering
 i) Requirements Engineering
 ii) Modeling, Validation and Verification

3. Cyber Security
 i) Early Warning Systems
  - Attack protection
  - Risk prediction
 ii) Situational Awareness
  - PerCom / UbiCom
  - Smart Grid
  - CPS
 iii) Economics of Cyber Security
 4. Cyber Crime
 i) Child Protection from
  - Cyber Grooming attacks
  - Cyber Bullying attacks
 ii) Malware Analysis
 iii) Cyber Forensics