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(Greek) Άσκηση Κυβερνοάμυνας «ΠΑΝΟΠΤΗΣ 2017»

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(Greek) WannaCry: Η πρόσφατη κυβερνο-επίθεση με ransomware

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SACMAT 2017 in Indianapolis (June 19-23, 2017)

The ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT) is the premier forum for the presentation of research results and experience reports on leading edge issues of access control, including models, systems, applications, and theory. The aims of the symposium are to share novel access control solutions that fulfil the needs of heterogeneous applications and environments, and to identify new directions for future research and development. SACMAT provides researchers and practitioners with a unique opportunity to share their perspectives with others interested in the various aspects of access control.

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Ruhr-Sec 2017 (May 04-05, 2017)

RuhrSec is the non-profit security conference at the Ruhr University Bochum. As one of the organizers of the famous lecture called HackPra, we are hosting a high-quality and low-priced security conference in the heart of Bochum near the river Ruhr. We provide awesome academic and industry talks from smart international speakers, the typical Ruhr University feeling and the highly recommended HackPra social event.


In RuhrSec’s second edition we have a call for presentations (CFP). We are looking for outstanding IT security topics. Please submit your proposal to the RuhrSec programme committee until the 15th of January 2017. We have an ongoing acceptance process, your chance is higher if you submit as early as possible. Your talk must have a length of 45 minutes including Q&A and it has to be in English.

Each speaker gets a free two-day conference ticket, an invitation to the speakers dinner on Wednesday, and a travel reimbursement up to a limit of EUR 800 (economy).

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MACIS 2017 in Vienna (November 15-17, 2017)

International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences (MACIS) 2017 will be held in Vienna, Austria at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, on November 15-17, 2017. This is the 7th conference in the MACIS series.

MACIS is a series of biennial conferences focusing on research in mathematical and computational aspects of computing and information science. It is broadly concerned with algorithms, their complexity and their embedding in larger logical systems. At the algorithmic level, there is the rich interplay along the Numerical/Algebraic/Geometric/Topological axes. At the logical level, there are issues of data organization, interpretation and associated tools. These issues often arise in scientific and engineering computation where we need experimental and case studies to validate or enrich the theory. MACIS is interested in outstanding and emerging problems in all these areas.

The MACIS Conference 2017 is organized by SBA Research.

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