Raptis M. Sotirios, PhD Student

General Information
Email: sraptis (at) uom.edu.gr
Phone: +30 2310 891 841

Academic Qualifications
BSc in Computer Science
(HOU , Department of Computer Science, 2010)
Master in Telematics Management
(Danube University of Krems, Austria, 2002)
BSc in Library Science and Information Systems
(Higher Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, 1999)

Short Biography
Raptis Sotirios was born in Thessaloniki in 1973. He holds a BSc degree in Library Science and Information Systems from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in 1999.
In 2002 he has obtained his master’s degree from the Austrian Danube University of Krems specializing in “Telematics Management”. He completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the Hellenic Open University (Department of Computer Science) in 2010. The period from 1999 to 2007 he worked as a Laboratory Assistant at ATEI Thessaloniki Automation issues. From 2001 works as network administrator and IT manager in the public sector.

Research Interests
Network and information Security
Cyber Crime Security
Cyber Threat Intelligence